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Enterprise-level organizations continue to embrace smart design to service their customers providing users with simple solutions to complex daily tasks. Olofson Technology Partners sought out Pixl for just this purpose; the creation of an intuitive and beautifully designed application for the nation's largest law firms capable of managing thousands of cases.

  • Client Olofson Technology Partners
  • Role UX Research, UI Design, Development
  • Platform Dashboard, Website
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The primary challenge was to transform a process that previously relied on data-entry into one that allowed users to monitor inbound data feeds. The goal was to narrate a story in context, suppress clutter, and eliminate leapfrogging from screen-to-screen.

We focused on presenting micro content similar in style to applications like Twitter and Tinder. Complex case data is presented within an interface that is both modern and intuitive. Use cases and personas led us to create components based on Google's Material Design principals–synthesizing functionality with strong visual cues found in applications familiar to users.


The result is an experience-rich application that presents relevant data in a concise and visually identifiable manner. A modern design that is self-explanatory, fast, and places tasks in a clear hierarchy without sacrificing core requirements.

In a market long defined by antiquated technology and overwhelmingly complex data, IQ7 is an intuitive and beautifully designed alternative approach to conventional case management. A simple interface that allows users to interact with complex data, actively monitor incoming information, and effectively manage an entire portfolio of cases.

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Supplementary work

Ahead of IQ7’s launch, Pixl worked closely with the team at Olofson Technology to design and develop a strong brand identity. We launched a website to showcase the application, engage consumers, and provide details on core features. The site is a direct reflection of the modern style and intuitive interface embodied by the application.


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