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AskForTask is a Canadian-based company that has rapidly become one of the largest online marketplaces for daily errands. With over 200,000 people completing tasks, AskForTask needed to gain a better understanding of their users and their specific needs. The company approached Pixl to redesign their desktop experience–our goal was to increase the number of users requesting tasks alongside the number of new applicants signing up to become 'Taskers.'

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The primary challenge was designing the site for a range of unique users. We needed to appeal to both new and frequent ‘Askers’—people who request to have tasks completed, in addition to recruiting new 'Taskers'–individuals who complete tasks. Usability testing on the existing site coupled with interviews allowed us to understand each user type's distinct needs.


User interviews focused on understanding how users interpreted the experience of posting a task and signing up as a 'Tasker'–identifying relevant information for each user type.


First-time 'Askers' required the most information before converting. This user type saw the highest drop-off rate during the posting process. To address this, we clearly illustrated the signup process, security measures, and payment upon completion.


New 'Taskers' were primarily motivated by money. As such, we simplified content while creating a consistent CTA to increase conversions.

Frequent Users

Providing simple navigation elements allowing users to post tasks and easily edit their profile we were able to improve the frequent user’s experience while still including the information necessary for new users.

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An 18% increase in conversions

Thorough user research applied to a modern interface and user friendly design resulted in an experience that led to a 18% increase in conversions in the first month.